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    Set up your account with Windows Hello

    So, I want to read my text messages (which I almost never do) on my Windows 10 Microsoft Lumia 640. I get that message about Windows Hello and it wants me first to enter my Windows Account password, which I do. Then it asks me for my PIN. I look this up and enter it. However, there's no Return, i.e. carraige return or OK button. It just sits there in the Get. WTF is this? All I see are this:

    [ ]

    I forgot my PIN
    [ X ]

    The [ X ] erases the last symbol in the PIN get. The first two will get me nowhere. WTF is up with this? I entered my PIN but can't ENTER it!

    I figure maybe I can't see the return mechanism because of what? My font is too big? This is nutty.

    Windows Hello is what? One of Microsoft's latest gambits in security implementation?
    Please Help.
    Thanks !
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